Belts & Hoses in Mesa, AZ

Looking for a Belt or Hose Service in Mesa, AZ?

Here at Schorie Auto Repair in Mesa, AZ, we are your go-to shop when you need belt or hose replacement in the area. Your vehicle is a machine that runs on many different working parts. Among those parts are your car’s belts and hoses, which have very important jobs individually. The belts are needed to move systems and make them work, while hoses have the vital job of carrying fluids throughout your vehicle.

Belt & Hose Replacement – Mesa, AZ

Over time with regular use of your vehicle, belts will begin to fray and tear while hoses will wear down and become more at risk of breaking. If an important belt breaks, it can cause your vehicle to stop working completely or cause damage to surrounding parts. A broken hose can leak vital fluid, such as coolant, and lead to engine overheating and other damage. This is why staying current with your vehicle’s recommended belt replacement and hose repair is vital to the overall health of your car.

Your vehicle’s belts include: timing belt or drive belt, serpentine belt, and v-belts.

A broken belt or cracked hose can display symptoms such as the following:

  • Visible leak underneath vehicle
  • Squealing noise coming from underneath the hood
  • A/C system doesn’t work
  • Power steering issues
  • Engine overheating

Belt & Hose Service – Mesa, AZ

As soon as you suspect that you need a belt or hose replacement or you’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, don’t hesitate to get your car into our experts at your earliest convenience. Our shop is staffed with ASE certified technicians who are skilled and experienced with most makes and models of vehicles and will handle your car with care.

Belt & Hose Repair Near Me

For belt and hose repair in Mesa and Gilbert, AZ, give us a call here at Schorie Auto Repair or use our online appointment form to schedule your next visit today.

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